Поправка на втостъкла


Ремонт автостъкла


Поправка на шупли,люспи и пукнатини

We repair windshield of your address to facilitate the customer, pores, cracks and flakes on borrowed American technology!


 Ремонт на автостъкла


In blow your Autoglass of Camacho, or other injuries, trilayer windshield then becomes possible and their repair .Varhu-hit windshield appears flake, star or a magnifying glass that is individual for each stroke .Remont of windshield is possible because the three layers of which is made on the cracked section allows to create pressure with a special injector to insert specially for the purpose fotopolimer.Tehnikat nablyuyudava filling process when it considers that the cracks on the windshield filled, treated with UV svetlina.Polimera hardens and cracks sticky. Auto glass repair is considered successful and 100% regained strength when the polymer filled to near puknatinite.Nay biggest enemy of bonding windshield is pollution .Many people err, that will have no problem since it has not gone a long beam and prodalzhavat to make cracked windshield days, months, maybe years go when you leave question lach.Togava vazstanovyavane of windshield will be reduced by% of the strength and the visible part of remonta.Tova is because the moisture enters inside superimposes particles and other things and cleaning is nevazmozhno.Zatova when you hit a pebble on your windshield not wait to be late for remont.Zalepete colorless plastic tape on the injured area to not enter moisture and dirt and call us to make the best possible and quality repair of car windows!

Поправка и ремонт на автостъкла



A longtime professional in repairs of windshield!
Over 10 years in the field of repairs! The company has a well-trained team of professionals poravka and repair of car windows! We all know that time is precious for you, run errands in the shortest possible time!
We developed activities for repair at your convenience! Mainly we are going to address in Sofia, Pernik, Radomir, Dupnitsa, Svoge, Elin Pelin, Botevgrad, Kostinbrod, Zlatitsa, Pirdop, Ihtiman and Samokov. But if you're not from those regions does not mean that we can not visit you and perform the installation!
Trust us as did many of our customers!
Please send an inquiry or call us await you!
We will gladly respond!


Поправка и ремонт на автостъкла