Autoglass for cars, vans and trucks


The company also installed listed windshield. In BPPavtostakla you can find a wide assortment of auto-glass for almost all brands of the automotive industry. Windshield for European, Japanese, Korean,: American, etc. manufacturers. If your manufacturer is not one of those does not mean that we can not offer Autoglass for you.
Armored windshield for all brands and models, making individual project for your armored vehicle. Supply, manufactures and installs!

If you have a problem with the frame or body, we offer removal and installation of the glass <guarantee> as we do for many of our partners <garages>!
We provide many services related to car windows, which are not listed. Please send an inquiry or call us!
Moving stickers and rearview mirror if necessary.
We can manufacture to your windshield or our project. Windshield for vintage cars!

We have in stock also many second-hand glasses and work with many automorgues to satisfy your interest in this direction.
Perform installation of your address to take not already on your precious time.
Certifikat and warranty card for the European quality. Mounting guarantee.
All manufacturers are setrifitsirani with ISO 9002 and work with top-quality materials.


Autoglass for cars

Автостъкла за леки коли
Installation of address, moving stickers and rear view mirror!
New and second-hand!
Warranty and Warranty!


Autoglass for vans

Installation of address, front, rear and side windshield of your bus!
New and second-hand!
Station and warranty!


Truck autoglass

Автостъкла за камиони
Truck windshield installation of address!
New and second-hand!
Warranty and Warranty!

Large stock of car windows! New and Used! European autoglass! Chinese, Turkish and others. autoglass!


A longtime professional in the sale and installation of car windows!
Over 10 years in the sales and installation of car windows and glass for domestic and industrial purposes! The company has a well-trained team of professionals for installation! We all know that time is precious for you, run errands in the shortest possible time!
We developed activities for installation at your convenience! Mainly we are going to address in Sofia, Pernik, Radomir, Dupnitsa, Svoge, Elin Pelin, Botevgrad, Kostinbrod, Zlatitsa, Pirdop, Ihtiman and Samokov. But if you're not from those regions does not mean that we can not visit you and perform the installation!
Trust us as did many of our customers!
Please send an inquiry or call us await you!